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K9 Base Multi User

(also available in Single User version)

K9Base is a complete system for keeping track of all information for the use and care of your K9.

This version of the program is for agencies that have several K9 officers and provides 3 different access levels.

Read data only

Data entry - All data functions

Admin - All function plus enter new users

The operation of the program revolves around a Canine and Handler name. This should be the first information entered into this software.

Once a Canine and Handler are entered into the system you are able to go to the other sections of the program and use the those dropdown textbox to relate Incident, Team, Cost and Medical Treatment information to other sections of the program.

Space is provided to enter images of each Canine, Handler and Team.

Reports are preformed and will print out the requested information to the default printer or exported to an Adobe PDF file. These PDF’s can be shared o ther officers or agencies.

A Calendar screen is provided to verify date in question in the entry of information.

Created by a retired LEO for Law Enforcement Officers

This program runs under Windows 95 Through Windows 10 on both 32 and 64 Bit computers.

K9Base is only $ 29.95 Plus $2.05 S&H on CD by 1st class
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