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Company Profile

CDP Information Systems. was formed in late 2000 after its founders, Charles and Janet Phelan, discovered that their products were becoming ever increasingly popular.

Working from their office in Louisburg, North Carolina, CDP supplies their software to local , state, and federal law enforcement officers and the departments they work for all over the world. Together with an interest in coins and stamps along with other collectables, our database and information programs, provide our customers with low cost solutions to their computer software needs.

CDP uses the Internet for 90% of their incoming orders, making CDP a truly online company. Our product outlets include this website along with three online auction sites. EBay, EBids and Bonanzle. You can signup for our EBay Store weekly newsletter by clicking here

CDP Information Systems has been approved and have of completed a partnership with Microsoft to provide our customers with cutting edge software products.

Along with the look and feel of our current products will will be supplying professional grade applications for larger agencies.

With this new alliance we will not forget our core customers. the street officer, by continuing to supply affordable software to meet his needs.

Our Experience

10 years of small business experience.

21 years of Law Enforcement experience on the street, desk sergeant, narcotics, federal investigations, criminal intelligence, computer fraud and computer searches.

26 years of desktop computer experience.

30 years of collecting experience with coins, stamps and other collectables.

Our Mission

To provide software at a price than anyone can afford.

To provide our users with free Law Enforcement and Collecting tools and information products along with the products we sell.

To create easy to use Windows database software which we market our self though this website and EBay.

Our programs are available through digital delivery, Download link is sent by email within 24 hours of payment.