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Citation Software

We are offering our Citation Database Software for Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs or other Law Enforcement Officers who write citations to keep track of traffic stops, citation issued and court dates.

Space is provided to record information on the suspect, his vehicle, any witnesses involved, facts about the citation, facts about the traffic stop, the court location and date of the trial, if a drivers history and registration has been printed, officer's notes, and much more.

Searches can be by citation number, suspect's last name, charge date or court date.

A full printout of each case can be obtained along with printouts of all cases.

Citation Software Version 2.0 now online.

Easier to read screen

Address Field now 50 characters instead of the original 20

Driver's License expires date added to the database

Vehicle Registration expires date added to the database

Created by a retired LEO for Law Enforcement Officers

This program runs under Windows 95 thru Windows 10.

We are offering this software at only $9.95 with

free digital delivery

Or Include $2.05 S&H for First Class delivery on CD
for US Buyers Only

International buyers use the digital delivery option of Contact Us for shipping rate to your location.

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