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Officer’s Daily Log

Screen Shots

This software is ideal for Officers, Platoons and Small Agencies to record the daily work activity of Law Enforcement Officers.

Space is provided to record:

Officer File

Officer's Name


Hire Date

Date of Birth

Home Address

Home Phone

Cell Phone


Emergency Contact #1

Emergency Contact #2

Log File

Officer's Full Name and Rank

Date of Entry

Day of the week


Zone or Patrol Area



Assigned Car

Assigned Radio

Beginning Miles

Ending Miles

Total Miles

Felony Arrest

Misdemeanor Arrest

Other Arrest

Total Arrest

Traffic Citations

Infraction Citations

Misdemeanor Citations

Crime Reports

Non-Crime Reports

Other Reports

Total Reports

Pre Formatted reports include:

Officer File

Full Report of the officer file record for the officer in question

Full Report of all officers in the officer file

Call Roster of the officer’s name and telephone numbers

Address Register of the officer’s home address, phones and spouse’s name

Log File

Log Report of All Officers between two dates

Log report of one officer between two dates

Full Report for one officer on one date

This software solution runs on all computers operating under Windows 95 or above including Vista and Windows 10 (both 32 and 64)

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