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FI Card US Edition

Screen Shots

A complete tracking solution for police officers and small agencies.

Our software provide a database to store all information about a subject or suspect including

Officer information
Contact date and time
Location of contact
Type of contact
Cautions about subject
Weapons known to carry
Alias Names
Address information (US States & Zip Codes)
Physical description and date of birth
Scars and Tattoos
Drivers license and SIN Number
Employment and or School information
Gang related information
Digital photograph
Notes & Criminal History Information
Vehicles owned or used by subject

Name Records can be sorted by Last Name, Race/Sex, DOB, SSN, Drivers License or Gang.

Name Records can be searched by any word or part of a word from the Name, Race/Sex, DOB, SSN, Drivers License, Gang, Scars, Tattoos, Alias fields. All found records are brought up to the top of the browse screen.

Vehicle Records can be sorted by Year, Brand, Model, Color, Registration, State or Vin. Number.

Vehicle Records can be searched by any word or part of the word in any of the above fields.

This software is contained in a self installation program and complete instructions to get you system up and running on your computer.

This program runs on computers with all versions of Windows from XP thru 10 in both 32 and 64 systems.

Also included is a 14 page instruction manual in PDF format which explains all aspects of the program.

FI Card is only $14.95 With Free Digital Delivery    

Or US buyers add $2.05 S&H for delivery on CD

by 1st class US Mail

International buyers Contact Us for shipping rate to your location

Created by a retired LEO for Law Enforcement Officers