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Narcotics Case Management System

This software was created for Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers by a retired narcotics officer with over 21 years of law enforcement experience and 30 years of database software construction.

The program will run on any Windows compatible desktop or laptop computer using Windows 95 or above including Windows 8.

Our idea was to combine all aspects of a narcotics investigation so that the officer would have one source to compile the data needed to complete and prosecute the case.

Space is provided to enter information for the Suspect, Associates, Arrest, Case File, Evidence and Vehicles. Also included is a monthly calendar and a section to convert standard ounces and pound weights to the grams and kilo drug weights used by law enforcement and the court system.

The database storing information entered into this program is Microsoft Access which will allow the user to export their data to other file formats if needed.

The Suspect File allows the user to associate up to four photos with each name in the system. To save space in the files, these images are not stored in the database but the location of the picture is stored and the image is displayed when required.

A password system with user access levels allows the entry of secure data and the ability to have users with the proper access level to either:

View data – Level 1

View, edit and add data – Level 2

View, edit, add or remove data – Level 3

View, edit, add, remove data and enter system users with different access levels Level 4

Screen are provided to enter, view, browse, print to printer or print to PDF document format. These PDF files can be shared between other operating systems or devices.

Help files are provided throughout the program to provide users with operation details. Look for at red question mark to access these help file ?. Larger help files are accessed with a Help Button.

The complete system is delivered on CD with an all-inclusive installation program providing setup with only of few clicks of your computer mouse.

We have also included a monthly calendar to assist determine past or future dates and a Drug Weight conversion section to help convert standard ounces and pounds to grams and kilos used by the court system.

Narcotics CMS is available to officers and agencies
at only $19.95 Plus $2.00 S&H for delivery on CD by
First Class US Mail to US and APO addresses.

International Orders please Contact US for shipping rates to your location

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